Windows 9 is a long, long way off. This is just a placeholder. A continuation of my Windows 7 blog. All we know about Windows 9 right now is -
  1. It'll be out in around 2014-2015.
  2. Software, Operating Systems, the Internet will all be vastly different by then.
  3. Mobile will be much, much more important.
  4. Google will either be the Internet, or be dead.
There'll always be place for an Operating System and despite all the talk of Cloud computing, Windows will have a place. The fact that netbooks started off as Linux machines and then very quickly became dominated by Windows XP, to the tune of 94% Windows XP, shows that people tend to choose the Operating System they are comfortable with. Windows 9 will almost certainly use the new Windows architecture rumored to be debuting in Windows 8. If not, Microsoft might consider making huge changes in Windows 9 to compete with the dominating technologies of the time.